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Mission, Vision and Objectives


Guided by the University mission statement, the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences commits itself to:

  1. Motivate and develop competent, productive, professionals, God-fearing leaders and citizens of the community in particular, and the country in general;
  2. Conduct and sustain relevant, innovative research, through the use of the nursing process, that would lead to the utilization of research findings;
  3. Develop, maintain and implement cognotive, psychomotor and affective skills learned from the University for the efficeint and effective delivery of quality services to the people; and develop a holistic bilo-social-spiritual being that is constantly adapting to his internal and external environment to reach and achieve personal and professional need satisfaction.


Nursing education is geared towards the development of a well, whole and self-directed professional; hence, the Nurse who emerges from the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation Nursing Program shall be scientificallly informed, socially aware, technically competent and committed to the total wellness of the Filipino people.

Objectives of the College

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing aims to train technically competent, socially responsible and culturally rooted nursing professionals who will fill the demand for local and global nursing care. The curriculum combines with the proactive methodologies of management and the social sciences to meet the complex health care demands of the 21st centry.