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Issuance of Admission Referral Form (Shifter, Re-Entry and Cross Enrollee) OSA-F-10 GTCARF

The Head/Senior Guidance Counselor of the Guidance and Testing Center

  • interviews the student and the parent/guardian (if accompanied);
  • updates Student Personnel Record (SPR) of the student;
  • indicates the course on the envelope of the student concerned; and 
  • issues the referral form.

The student

  •  signs the logbook specifying their original program, the program to shift and the reason/s for shifting/changing; and
  • submits the referral form to the Dean of the Department to which they are shifting.

The Dean

  • evaluates whether the student meets the requirements (GPA, retention policies, etc.) of the program where they are shifting; and
  • interviews the prospective applicant.