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Center for Education and Education Management Research


Research Program 3:  Competency and Productivity Research and Development of MSEUF

CED research program 3 is anchored on the opportunities for improvement which were extracted from the PACUCOA’s report on the department’s level 4 accreditation application

Objective of the Program

This research program aims to identify the research capability and productivity of the college.

 Research Projects

  1. Assessment of Research Competencies of Teachers and Students: Basis for Capacity Building activities
  2. Evaluation of CED Research dissemination and utilization
  3. Evaluation of Research Programs per college



Program Leaders

Dr. Joselina T. Baylongo

Prof. Reina V. Pasumbal

 Faculty Researchers:

Dr. Divinia J. Glifonea

Dr. Regina V. Marino

Dr. Rogel Limpiada

Dr. Felixberto Mercado

Dr. Carmina V. Tolentino

Asst. Prof. Josephine L. Belen

Asst. Prof. Marie Grace M. Jasolin

Mr. Carlos Villaester

Mr. Michael Villamayor

Mr. Pascual C. La Rosa Jr.

Mr. Adrian D. Maano

Mr. Dexter S. Villamin

Mr. Hubert P. Loresto 

Maria Isabel D. Granada

Rosario Rago

Monaliza Immaculata

Anton John M. Racelis

Eddson A. Guerra

Maria Elizabeth D. Oabel

Engr. Renato M. Vergara

 Pascual La Rosa Jr.