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MSEUF Research & Development Program for Developing Quezon Province as Sustainable and Investor-Friendly Community



Business is the common fastest growing industry all over the word. It is generally accepted that it portraits a major role in the component of economic sustainability of the country. This is the motivation of making the research program solely for Quezon province since it has the largest area among the CALABARZON region.

Objective of the Program

  1. To provide the present picture and condition of the commercial and business landscape of Quezon province.
  2. To examine tourism activities in Quezon province to create a framework geared towards community development.
  3. To identify existing industries and potential business opportunities for
  4. investment and economic growth.
  5. To conduct an assessment of Quezon province’s human capital and professional qualifications

 Research Projects

  1.  Lucena City as a Retirement Destination: A Capacity Modeling
  2. The Environmental Attributes of Ecotourism Sites in Quezon Province as a Potential Ecotourism Destination
  3.  Quezon Menu: Authentic Cuisines of the Province as Attraction for Culinary Tourism
  4. The Market Growth and Business Opportunities from Baked Products in Quezon Province
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility Practices of Family Owned Businesses in Lucena City
  6. Challenges and Issues of Agri Tourism in Quezon: Basis for Strategic Framework
  7. An industry Analysis of Hotels in Quezon Province
  8. Perceived Benefit and Services of Business Groups and Associations: An Exploratory Analysis
  9. A Feasibility Research of Golf Course in Quezon Province: A Way to Promote Foreign Investment
  10.  Traits and Professional Qualifications of Quezon Province Graduates: Basis for Human Capital Empowerment
  11. Cost Management Practices of SMEs in Lucena City: A Basis for Profitability Enhancement
  12. Management Accounting Practices of Family Owned Business in Lucena City: A Modelling Exploration


Program Leaders

Paz L. Bobadilla

Dr. Juvy C. Tamondong


Faculty Researchers:

Sheryl Mae M. Drio

Dr. Juvy C. Tamondong

Ronald Allan Lim

Carell E. Cerillo

 Ashley Pangiligan

Devota Normita Comia

Flormando P. Baldovino

Carmen A. Aldovino