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Criminology, Public Safety Services and Community Sustainability Research and Development Program of MSEUF



The Criminology Research and Development Program serves as a guidepost for research and development activities of the College of Criminology and Law Enforcement of MSEUF. The program aims to develop research activities that will guide the researchers in developing criminal justice researches. The researches to be covered by this program of the college will be focused to sustainable development of the community and the tri bureaus of public safety services.  The faculty researchers will try to address the existing problems in the community that indirectly or directly affect peace and order.  Researches relating to community will also help decrease the feeling of fear and discontentment of the residents relative to safety in their neighborhood including safety of their children. Likewise, researches that will deal the current problems in the tri bureau will somehow help for the improvement or development of policies that can address the existing problems within the organizations.

Objective of the Program

The program aims to improve research productivity of the college and formulate plans and programs that will alleviate problems of modern society as well as to identify research activities that cater towards community development and social sustainability.

Research Projects

  1. Emergency Preparedness of the Provincial Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council on the Graveyard of Quezon Province in Dealing with Environmental Crisis: An Assessment
  2. Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team as a Mechanism  of Philippine National Police in Crime Prevention
  3. A Comprehensive Analysis on the Performance of MSEUF Criminology Licensure Examination
  4. Interactions in Disadvantaged Community as Propensity of Criminality
  5. Multiethnic Comparisons of the Predictors of Delinquency Among Urban Adolescents
  6. Public Perceptions on the Police: Implication on Police Performance
  7. Socio-Cultural Determinants of Criminal and Anti-Social Behavior
  8. Male Inmates Perspective on Reducing Recidivism Rates Through Post-Incarceration Resources
  9.  BADAC’s as Force Multipliers of the PNP in Combatting Drug Related Activities
  10. Social Networking as Conduit for Criminal Activity
  11. Restorative Injustice: Barriers to Victim Engagement in Restorative Justice


 Program Leaders

Henedina A.  Lagumen

Monette G. Tenorio

Faculty Researchers:

Myracel A. Jus

Dennis Albert N. Gonzales

Ellaine A. Concepcion

 Lerma G. Sobrevinas

Alberto C. Enverga

Jayson S. Cera