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organizational structure


University Research Committee

 The Committee is composed of the Dean of the DCAVRKMI as chairperson and the Discipline Research Coordinators as members.

 The Committee:

1.    formulates, reviews and amends policies governing the conduct of research and knowledge management in the University;

2.    plans and implements the research agenda of the University;

3.    sets up and cultivates linkages with external organizations for grants, funding, technical assistance and exchange of human and material resources; and

4.    recommendsfunding of institutional researches to the Management
Council of the University.

Dean of the DCAVRKMI

The Dean of the DCAVRKMI administers and directs the University’s research programs; coordinates activities of external agencies for research linkages, disseminates research output via publications and research colloquia; and explores commercialization of research outputs.

Specifically, the Dean of the DCAVRKMI:

1.    plans and executes the annual activities of the DCAVRKMI;

2.    prepares annual budget of the DCAVRKMI;

3.    evaluates and recommends funding of institutional research proposals;

4.    supervises institutionally funded faculty researches under the University
research agenda;

5.    monitors externally funded research projects undertaken by the faculty

6.    documents and assists formulation, review, and amendment of guidelines and policies governing research and knowledge outputs in the University;

7.    ensures implementation of guidelines consistent with MOA/MOU governing both institutionally and externally funded research projects;

8.    provides research project development and technical assistance to faculty
and research staff;

9.    oversees the proper discharge of office functions, responsibilities, and activities;

10.    disseminates research and knowledge outputs through publications and research colloquia;

11.    sits as editor in chief of the MSEUF Research Studies, the official research journal of the MSEUF;

12.    coordinates other activities of the Institute such as research capability building seminar (RCBS), establishment of linkages with external funding agencies, documentation, storage and retrieval of research outputs, consultancy services for faculty researchers;

13.    prepares and submits annual reports of accomplishments to the University
President and the Vice President for Academics;

14.    establishes and develops the Institute as the University’s databank for research and knowledge outputs;

15.    helps in the mapping out of the research thrusts of the University;

16.    coordinates with the discipline research coordinators of the research unit of each college/department;

17.    recommends and assists faculty for local and international research publications and presentations; and

18.    performs other tasks and responsibilities related to or implied from the above enumerated functions and/or other tasks which may be designated by the University President and/or the Vice President for Academics.

Discipline Research Coordinator

The Discipline Research Coordinator is recommended by the Dean/Director of the college/department and has a term of office for one year - renewable annually. The DRC:

  1. represents the college/department in the University Research Committee;
  2. supervises faculty members in the college/department in their research activities;
  3. assists in organizing the research capability building seminar (RCBS);
  4. assists the DCAVRKMI in monitoring ongoing research projects and activities;
  5. submits annual research plan and accomplishment reports to the DCAVRKMI dean; and
  6. performs other tasks related to or implied from the above enumerated functions and/or other functions related to research activities of the college/department as specified by the VP for Academics, the Dean of the college, and the Dean of DCAVRKMI. 



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