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4.0 organizational structure

4.1 University Research Committee


Advisory to the president of MSEUF on all matters concerning research performed at the University, the committee consists of seven members. The Committee is headed by the Dean of the DCAVRKMI as chairperson, with the VP for Academics as co-chairperson, the Chairperson of the University Research Ethics Committee, the Secretary of the University Research Ethics Committee, a research technical expert, and an expert on the field of the proposal/content expert as members.


The Committee:


4.1.1      reviews and amends policies governing the conduct of research, development and extension, and knowledge management in the University;

4.1.2      reviews research, development and extension proposals submitted to the DCAVRKMI; and

4.1.3      recommends funding of research, development and extension proposals to the  University president.


4.2 Dean of the DCAVRKMI


The Dean of the DCAVRKMI administers and directs the University’s research programs; coordinates activities of external agencies for research linkages, disseminates research output via publications and research colloquia; and explores commercialization of research outputs.


             Specifically, the Dean of the DCAVRKMI:


4.2.1      plans and executes the annual activities of the DCAVRKMI;

4.2.2      prepares annual budget of the DCAVRKMI;

4.2.3      recommends funding of institutional research proposals;

4.2.4      supervises institutionally funded faculty researches under the University
research agenda;

4.2.5      monitors externally funded research projects undertaken by the faculty

4.2.6      formulates guidelines and policies governing research and knowledge outputs in the University;

4.2.7      ensures implementation of guidelines consistent with MOA/MOU governing externally funded research projects;

4.2.8      provides research/project development and technical assistance to faculty
and research staff;

4.2.9      oversees the proper discharge of office functions, responsibilities, and activities;

4.2.10    disseminates research and knowledge outputs through publications and research colloquia;

4.2.11    sits as editor/co-editor/associate editor of the MSEUF Research Studies, the official research journal of the MSEUF;

4.2.12    coordinates other activities of the Institute such as research capability building seminar (RCBS), establishment of linkages with external funding agencies, documentation, storage and retrieval of research outputs, and consultancy services for faculty researchers;

4.2.13    prepares and submits annual reports of accomplishments to the University

4.2.14    establishes and develops the Institute as the University’s databank for research and knowledge outputs;

4.2.15    helps in the mapping out of the research thrusts of the University;

4.2.16    coordinates with the discipline research coordinators of the research unit of each college/department;

4.2.17    recommends assistance for faculty in local and international research publications and presentations; and

4.2.18    performs other tasks and responsibilities related to or implied from the above enumerated functions and/or other tasks which may be designated by the University President and/or the Vice President for Academics.


4.3     Database Administrator for Research Information, Communication, and Utilization


This division is in-charge of the database of research outputs, copyrights and patents application (see 10.0   MSEUF PRIMER ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS), and utilization, dissemination, and extension of research outputs. The database administrator:


4.3.1     maintains and regularly updates the database of research outputs for    knowledge management purposes;

4.3.2     assists researchers in the utilization, publication, and dissemination of their research outputs;

4.3.3     facilitates copyrights and patents application;

4.3.4     coordinates with the Community Extension Services for the extension of research outputs;

4.3.5     prepares write-ups for posting in the MSEUF website;

4.3.6     assists in the training of faculty researchers on writing for publication;

4.3.7     works for the indexing of the MSEUF research journals;

4.3.8     assists in the strategic planning of the DCAVRKMI;

4.3.9     assists in the formulation and implementation of research programs of the MSEUF;

4.3.10   assists in research monitoring and evaluation; and

4.3.11 perform such other duties and responsibilities analogous, germane, and/or related to and/or implied from the above enumeration of duties and responsibilities.


4.4     Discipline Research Coordinator


The Discipline Research Coordinator (DRC) is recommended by the Dean of the college and has a term of office for one year - renewable annually. The DRC:

4.4.1      monitors faculty members in the college in their research activities;

4.4.2      assists in organizing the research capability building seminar (RCBS);

4.4.3      assists the DCAVRKMI in monitoring ongoing research projects and activities; and

4.4.4      performs other tasks related to or implied from the above enumerated functions and/or other functions related to research activities of the college/department as specified by the VP for Academics and Research, the Dean of the college, and the Dean of DCAVRKMI.


4.5     Research Ethics Committee (See 9.0  MSEUF University Research Ethics Review Committee)


4.6     Publication Editorial Board


The Board is in-charge of the editorial policies and review policies and processes relating to publication of research articles and research outputs.



4.7     Statistician


The statistician is in-charge of statistical analysis and interpretation of customer satisfaction survey and faculty performance evaluation. He/she:


4.7.1      assists researchers in the statistical treatment and analysis of data 

4.7.2      provides professional support to DCAVRKMI in data gathering of its research projects;

4.7.3      applies statistical techniques and methods in the processing and analysis of data;

4.7.4      prepares statistical and technical reports and research papers;

4.4.5      designs survey questionnaires and data collection instruments for the collection of primary and secondary data;

4.4.6      designs worksheets, table formats, charts and PowerPoint presentations;

4.4.7      gathers statistical data needed by the DCAVRKMI for its research projects;

4.4.8      assists faculty researches in the implementation of research projects;

4.4.9      documents methods and procedures used in the compilation and analysis of data; and

4.4.10    performs such other duties and responsibilities analogous, germane, and/or related to and or implied from the above enumeration of duties and responsibilities.


4.8     Clerk


The clerk at the Dr. Cesar A. Villariba Research and Knowledge Management Institute is in charge of the general clerical operation and management of the office including lay-outing/designing publications.


4.8.1      encodes and format-edit the research paper/articles of the researchers for the publications of research studies and MSEUF Quarterly; 

4.8.2      provides encoding services to faculty researchers;

4.8.3      creates lay-out/design for the research publications;

4.8.4      updates the DCAVRKMI website;

4.8.5      encodes the research budget;

4.8.6      prepares and organizes documents/materials for accreditation matters and research seminar/activities;

4.8.7      organizes the office documents, record the incoming and outgoing communication and monitors the status of office supplies;

4.8.8      provides checking services of the thesis/dissertation to the faculty and students via Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism software;

4.8.9      distributes copies of research publications to all concern departments;

4.8.10    distributes letter of communication/memorandum to the concern departments/offices;

4.8.11    assists with meeting arrangements including preparing and distributing materials, setting up and cleaning meeting rooms and making reservations;

4.8.12    assists before, during and after the conduct of research colloquium;

4.8.13    prepares documents relevant to the ISO Audit;

4.8.14    assists the Dean in the discharge of his/her functions; and

4.8.15    performs such other duties and responsibilities analogous, germane, and/or related to and or implied from the above enumeration of duties and responsibilities.