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With the theme “Living the Legacy of Family Traditions, the General Faculty and Employees Congress was held July 15 at the AEC Little Theater.

Divided into two parts, the whole day event focused on lecture series on the life story of the late founder Manuel S.Enverga Sr. in the morning and the afternoon session on Nurturing A Culture of Excellent Performance of the University.

With sense of humor and wit, two speakers Beato R. Ursolino Jr.and Atty. Roy Oliver Alijandrino shared their personal experiences and association with the founder on how the late congressman helped and inspired them to struggle in life, Ursolino as a driver confidant and AttyAlijandrino as one of the 40 high school scholars of MSEUF.

In the afternoon, Vice President for Ascademics Dr. Benilda N. Villenas expounded on Balancing the Scorecard of Excellence and disclosed that in order to build a culture of excellence, we have to align the operation of management and assess strategic performance to drive significant change and result in the university.

MSEUF President Naila E. Leveriza delivered her 10- point agenda for continuous improvement of the university and called for cooperation and teamwork as the key to achieve and maintain the autonomous status of the university and as a center of excellence -  living the legacy of Family Traditions.

Meanwhile, Vice President for Administration Jazmin L. Enverga welcomed the participants and guests and Vice President for External Relations Michael E. Villanueva thanked them and closed the program.

Maria Isabel Granada, acting prefect of discipline and Philip Maano of the human resource department acted as masters of ceremonies.

The congress was handled by the Office of Faculty Training and Development with Evelyn S. Abeja, acting director.