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MSEUF joins Pasayahan sa Lucena 2014

MSEUF joins Pasayahan sa Lucena 2014

In line with the celebration of the 2014 Pasayahan sa Lucena, the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation participated in the Grand Parade with its colorful float depicting the historic discovery of the present Cotta Port during the 17th century.

The float is made up of indigenous materials mostly from coconut and bamboo which are prevalent in Quezon Province.

Designed as a small vessel or boat, it is adorned with rice stalks or ‘uhay’, fans from ‘buri’ materials, 'bilao' and copra sacks.

On top of the boat are the three equally young and gorgeous beauty queens of Enverga University namely: Miss MSEUF 2014 Krishna Amar (CBA), 3rd runner up Carol Ann Aquino (CAFA) and 2nd runner up Jamila Mae Villena (CME) with the wildcat mascot, Ronnie serving as the chief seafarer.

This year’s Pasayahan carried the theme “Hirit, Birit, Kandirit”.

The Grand Parade also featured the MSEUF’s performing Chamberwinds and the corps d’ elite of the university.

Vice President for External Relations Michael Villanueva spearheaded the MSEUF’s participation in this year’s Pasayahan sa Lucena.