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International Faculty Exchange Program

The MSEUF International Faculty Exchange Program (MSEUF-IFEP) is designed to enhance teaching experience and research excellence with international partner institutions and institutes around the world to increase international exposure of MSEUF as a global university through faculty mobility. MSEUF-IFEP improves skills that are required by today's professional teaching staff by sharing innovative teaching methods in various fields and promotes intercollegiate academic collaboration.


  1. Recommendation letter from the Dean of his/her respective department
  2. Must be a permanent faculty member
  3. Passport (not expiring within two years of applying to the program)


  1. Upon receiving the invitation from a host university to conduct a Faculty Exchange Program, the Office of International Linkages will communicate to the respective Dean of a College to recommend faculty member(s), who will participate in the mentioned program.
  2. With the Deans recommendation and other documents, the chosen faculty member(s) will submit all the papers to the Office of International Linkages.
  3. The Office of International Linkages will seek approval from the Vice President for External Relations and University President for the budget that will incur during the FEP.
  4. The faculty member will be issued a travel order and given the necessary orientation for their travel to another university abroad.
  5. After the FEP, the faculty member(s) will submit a copy of their certificate of participation, evaluation of the program, liquidation and narrative report to the Office of International Linkages.

Forms to fill up

  1. Application Form
  2. Dean’s Recommendation Form
  3. Parents’ Consent Form
  4. Program Evaluation Form (after the tour)
  5. Students’ Narrative Report Form (for students)
  6. Faculty’s Narrative Report Form (for faculty members)