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What is ETEEAP?

The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) is a comprehensive program of identifying, accessing, validating and assigning equivalent college-level learning for prior learning from formal, non-formal and informal training and relevant work experiences toward the final granting of appropriate academic degree. Through this program, an individual may be granted a diploma for a degree after a competency-based evaluation from established equivalency competencies standards and a comprehensive assessment system employing written tests, interviews, skills demonstration, portfolio and other creative assessment methodologies.

The MSEUF was fully accredited and deputized to implement the ETEEAP on May 19, 1999.

Who are qualified?

The minimum qualification criteria of applicants to the accreditation and equivalency program, in addition to established Filipino citizenship, should include the following:

1. Completion of secondary school program as evidenced by a high school diploma, or the Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) result equivalent to first year college.

2. Employment for an aggregate of at least five (5) years in the industry related to the academic degree program or discipline where equivalency of learning is sought.

3. At least twenty five (25) years old as supported by an NSO authenticated birth certificate.

Procedures for Application

The procedures for application and assessment of learning should consist, at a minimum, of the following:

1. The applicant secures and accomplishes the application form from MSEUF or CHED thru CHED website (, and submit it along with the supporting evidences that establish his/her qualifications, and then pays the application fee.

2. The MSEUF secretariat reviews the application, interviews the applicant and informs him/her in writing of the results of the review and interview.

3. Upon approval of the application, MSEUF requires the applicant to prepare and submit his/her portfolio with the assistance of the institution’s career counselor/adviser within an agreed period of time. This portfolio should include descriptions of prior experiences in the context of learning outcomes. The employer concerned should certify all experiences cited by the candidate as having been completed during employment.

4. Upon receipt of the portfolio, MSEUF convenes a panel of assessors to conduct the evaluation. Tests or other forms and instruments, e.g., interviews, actual demonstration of claimed knowledge and skills, written examination, and others that are appropriate to the candidate’s needs may be used as needed.

5. After completing the evaluation, the panel of assessors determines the amount of equivalent credit that will be awarded to the candidate by matching the demonstrated training of the candidate with the learning outcomes and standards of the subject or course for which the candidate seeks accreditation and equivalency.

6. A candidate assessed to be deficient in one or more competency units will be required to pursue further learning, with the assistance of a career coordinator or adviser. In this case, a learning contract that defines the learning program is executed between MSEUF and the candidate. Further, assessment is conducted after the completion of the learning program to determine the progress of the candidate toward meeting the learning outcomes and standards specified in the said program; and

7. After satisfying the learning outcomes and appropriate assessment criteria for the course, and having complied with the requirements prescribed by CHED and the institution for the completion of the course, the candidate is awarded the appropriate equivalency credit and/or degree title.


Courses offered

BS Secondary Education4

BS Elementary Education4

Bachelor of Arts4

Broadcasting, Comparative Literature, Economics, English Language, General Science, History, Journalism, Literature, Mass Communication, Philippine Literature, Philosophy Sociology, Mathematics, Political Science, Environmental Science

Business Administration4

Banking and Finance, Business Computer
Business Management, Industrial Management,
Management Accounting, Marketing,Legal Management,Public Administration

BS Civil Engineering2

BS Industrial Engineering3

BS Geodetic Engineering

BS Electrical Engineering1

BS Mechanical Engineering1

BS Computer Engineering1

BS Electronics Engineering 1

BS Criminology and Law Enforcement2

BS Information Technology1

BS Hotel and Restaurant Management2

1 – PUCUCOA Accredited Level 1
2 – PACUCOA Accredited Level 2
3 – PACUCOA Accredited Level 3
4 - PACUCOA Reaccredited Level 4


Alumni Building, MSEUF Main Campus, University Site, Lucena City, Philippines

Tel Nos. +63 (042) 710-4360 (ETEEAP Center);
710-2886 (Registrar);
710-3027 (Office of Student Affairs);
373-1664 (VP for Academic Affairs);
Telefax Nos. (042) 373-6065; 373-1664