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Admission and Retention Policy

The University has an open admission-selective retention policy in recognition of the basic right of students to education. Each college has specific retention policies.

New student applicants take the College Entrance Test (CET) after evaluation by the Office of Student Affairs of their entrance credentials that include the following: photocopies of the high school card (Form 138), birth certificate, and character reference from the high school principal, two copies of 2" x 2" I. D. photos, one long brown envelope and testing fee receipt.

Once the student is approved for enrolment, he/she shall present the original of Form 138, photocopy of the birth certificate, original copy of the character reference, and the CET result to the University Registrar.

The admission requirements for the graduate program are as follows:

the student shall be a graduate of the appropriate undergraduate baccalaureate degree;

if the student is not a graduate of the baccalaureate degree required in the program he wants to enroll in, he shall take the required professional, functional or tool subjects before he can be enrolled in the particular masters program;

the student shall have the required professional experience for the program applied for;

the student must pass the interview of the admission committee;

the student shall submit the required undergraduate academic credentials;

the student must pass the Graduate Record Examination, and

the student must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 to be retained in the program;