Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation
Conceptual Framework

Phase I - Greater Community Involvement thru Value Re-direction and Social Services

On top of all projects is value re-direction whose main objective is greater community involvement of people at the barangay level. Value re-direction is a way of revitalizing the community spirit necessary in building partnership for development, facilitating team and organizational performance, and instilling trust and confidence to himself and with one another. Through values re-direction, the barangay is molded to an atmosphere that can develop supports to community activities with high regard to the dignity of man, leadership sincerity, commitment to purpose, responsible transparency, openness to change and development, and the value of service. Social Services such as improving the state of health of the barangay folks, spiritual guidance etc. will complement values re-direction. All of these contribute to the quality of life for a progressive society.


Phase II - Better Environmental Conditions

Projects related to providing better environmental conditions complement to the attainment of improved quality of life. Through different CES projects, the barangay is transformed to be an atmosphere for healthy living conducive for economic, social, spiritual, political and family interactions. Material structures in the midst of environmental ecology must go along with the lives of people in the barangay. So, CES projects must conform to managing material structures in consonance with maintaining harmony of human and ecological structures.


Phase III - Livelihood Opportunity and Improved Income

For a more realistic improved quality of life, barangay residents must be assisted in identifying livelihood opportunities and eventually lead them to venture into projects that can give or augment their family income. In this particular phase, their sense of self-reliance, determination and industry are practically tested. Participation in any community undertaking by the barangay residents is always pre-conditioned by the sufficiency of material things they already have in their families before any socio-economic interventions.