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Mission, Vision and Objectives


College of Arts and Sciences

Mission / Vision

The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to provide students education for useful membership and responsible leadership in society through its general education program.

Objectives of the College

The College of Arts and Sciences

  1. Provides students liberal education to facilitate integration and liberation to effect changes in themselves and in their environment to realize the fullness of human life and to effect a balance between the individual and the common good;
  2. Provides students opportunities to develop and train their skills, capacities and creativity for manpower growth and development;
  3. Provides students opportunities to cultivate, assimilate and propagate the arts and other forms of artistic and creative expressions, and
  4. Serves as a center for innovative programs that will provide opportunities for growth and development in new areas.

Objectives of the Science Program

In keeping with the University mission of service to God and country, the Science Education Program aims to:

  1. arouse the spirit of scientific inquiry and critical thinking among the studentry through experiment and investigatory projects;
  2. train students manifest skills in gathering data for investigatory work;
  3. cultivate skills in the manipulation of laboratory equipment among studentry;
  4. instill environmental awareness and concern through in and off- campus activities among studentry, the staff and the faculty, and

Aside from the objectives stated above, the institution declares the following for itself:

  1. The institution commits itself to update university governance and resource generation;
  2. The institution commits itself to mobilize for the 21 st century;
  3. The institution commits itself to work to become a model of academic excellence and value-centered education;
  4. The institution commits itself to be a catalyst for social change and development in Quezon Province, Lucena City, and its environs;
  5. The institution commits itself and its resources, both human and material, to help raise the quality of life of the citizenry;
  6. The institution commits itself to utilize applicable research findings for the upliftment of the livelihood of urban and rural poor;
  7. The institution commits itself to help train and professionalize government, NGO, and GO personnel in public service;
  8. The institution commits itself to help enlighten public opinion on current issues to develop critical thinking among the citizenry;
  9. The institution commits itself to help in the development of a mature citizenry who are capable of making critical decisions for themselves and for the country, and
  10. The institution commits itself to the preservation and enrichment of Filipino culture and history.